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The Tree Huggers strive to improve the local community as well as the world through a combination of fundraising for environmental organizations and ecologically-focused initiatives within the school. In the past year, they raised over $200 for Team Trees as well as raising money for Australian wildfire relief, which was unfortunately cut short by the school closure. By joining the Tree Huggers Council, you will have the opportunity to join one of several departments depending on your skills and interests (such as marketing or fundraising), and there are opportunities to fill executive roles as well! Keep an eye out on the Keep Track of Mac Facebook and our Instagram @treehuggersatmac to find out more!

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Staff Supervisor: Ms. Harle

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Our club prepares students to participate in the Envirothon competition. Students passionate about protecting the environment have the chance to be leaders and find a solution to a local environmental issue! Sign up now at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSekxPBIib0KzSUqQnX-3ljnT3M_K5BpV3cE7TFLJAqW2OX0VA/viewform?fbclid=IwAR1ls--nVgJR1swKw19bV5AJdY7hR1cRw9W_kX9rrO47VCXxfVZ2aOlft0E

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Staff Supervisor: Mrs. Assim


The Mackenzie gardening club is intended to teach students how to plant and care for plants. Our club provides the school and community with outdoor spaces for relaxation and reconnection with nature. Our garden is pollinator friendly and features many native plants that are beneficial to the environment. We often propagate plants that are already part of our collection to expand it. In the 3 years of its existence, the club has transformed the front of the school into multiple flower beds and added new park benches, which makes this space more functional and enjoyable. All this was accomplished by fundraising in the school. Thanks to students and staff contributions and support our club was able to materialize all or goals for the past years. Thank you for your support! We currently have an assortment of plants available for sale to aid in funding our projects. If interested, please come see Mrs. Nancy; you can see her "Always in the hallways, or working in the garden." Our next project is adding blooming bushes along the pathways on the south side of the school by exit 3. In this area we would also like to create a pollinator friendly flower bed to aid the environment as well as local pollinators.

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Staff Supervisors: Nancy and Mr.Kvache