The Jewish Culture Club is a club that welcomes everyone to learn about Jewish Culture, traditions, and customs. It is a great club to meet new people, socialize, and gain a better understanding of Jewish holidays and the Jewish Religion. Our goal is for everyone to have a great time while learning about Jewish Culture! Register now at

President Contacts: 

Staff Supervisor: Ms. Dash

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KCC at William Lyon Mackenzie is open to anyone who wants to learn about and participate in Korean culture. We hold many fun events and games such as k-pop cover competitions, spicy noodle eating challenges, and karaoke! One of the major events that many members always look forward to is participating in culturama and dance nights with a k-pop medley!

President Contacts:

Staff Supervisor: Ms. Chin

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French club is here to educate students about the French language, culture and traditions. We host biweekly meetings where we create fun events, such as karaoke, painting and potlucks, along with field trips!

President Contacts:

Staff Supervisor: Mrs. Martin Jordache

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EAU is a cultural club. The club’s purpose and goals are to educate, explore, and enjoy East Asian culture. A reason to join this club is to learn new things about various cultures in East Asia. Participate in Asian traditions and cultural celebrations!

President Contacts:

Staff Supervisor: Ms. Veliganova

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Black Student Alliance

BSA at Mackenzie seeks to empower and amplify student voice, build capacity in student leadership, and provide support for students of African Heritage by means of ongoing meetings and discussions, school assemblies, guest speakers, presentations and other initiatives that support the Black student body. Everyone! BSA serves as a safe place for Black students and allies. Most of the material presented is specific to Black students, however, we encourage everyone to take advantage of resources and opportunities to educate themselves and others. Stay tuned for our posts, join us for discussions, attend virtual events, take advantage of the resources, volunteer, spread the word, and so much more! If you are looking for more opportunities to get involved, please reach out!



Filipino club’s main purpose is to create a comfortable and friendly environment for newcomers or Filipinos that feel a little homesick. Other people with different ethnicity can also join. Grade 12 Members can help others with their homework or just guide them if they have any questions. We will also play games that we used to play in the Philippines. Games such as volleyball, basketball, Chinese garter etc. Overall just help each other and hang out as a family!

President Contacts:

Staff Supervisor: Mr. O'Brien

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Muslim Culture Club is a club at Mackenzie where students have a chance to learn and benefit from Muslim culture as well as give back to the community! This club has been run by Mrs. Assim for many years at Mackenzie and is now being ran online this year! One of the events we are planning to do is host a month long food drive to give back to the less fortunate this Ramadan! Most of our meetings will be spent discussing and learning about learning about topics related to Muslims as well as thinking about other events we can do at Mackenzie!

President Contact:

Staff Supervisor: Mrs. Assim

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20 Tillplain Rd, North York, ON M3H 5R2


(416) 395-3330

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